Mission Statement
To provide contractual vocational rehabilitation services to veterans and to provide career transitional assistance to Service members separating from Active Duty and to eligible Veterans.

To provide compassionate and professional vocational rehabilitation services, of the highest quality, to Veterans, Service members, and their families to help them achieve successful transition to suitable employment and/or to function more independently in daily living activities.

Core Values

Compassion: We will treat all Veterans, Service members, and their families with the dignity and compassion to ensure that services are delivered in a caring manner.
Commitment: Our actions will be driven by a desire to help individuals obtain the benefits to which they are entitled so that they may achieve their goals.

Excellence: We will make every effort to exceed expectations and perform at the highest level of competence.

Professionalism: Our highly skilled, diverse, and compassionate team shall adhere to the code of personal and professional ethics of our respective certification commissions.

Integrity: We will be truthful in our communications with Veterans and Service members and to provide timely and accurate information. In all cases we intend to carefully listen and respond to the concerns of our clients and continuously seek to improve the quality of our services for them.

Accountability: We will perform our jobs in a responsible manner and accept accountability for our actions to Veterans, Service members, and their families.

Stewardship: We will ensure data and information entrusted to us will be carefully guarded to protect the privacy of the individuals that we serve. We will constantly improve our performance through the use of innovative strategies and sound business practices.